Changelog for 04 October 2023

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  • Fixed and re-enabled the SoundCloud playlist importer

YouTube Search

  • Reduced search results to 25 per ‘page’


  • Removed the HD button as YouTube changed how video quality is determined. This meant the button no longer had an impact on video quality
  • YouTube’s player controls will now show when you hover over the video. This allows you to manually set the video quality
  • Fixed a bug where there would be a split-second spike in volume when a SoundCloud song starts playing


  • The `/song/:id` endpoint will now return the `categoryId` for YouTube IDs and `genre` for SoundCloud IDs
    • The `categoryId` will only be applied to YouTube IDs when the video data is refreshed. Video data is refreshed when a Song ID is requested and the `lastUpdated` field has a date more than 30 days old.
    • The `genre` will only be applied to new SoundCloud IDs that are saved to QueUp.


  • Updated Twitter/X icons to reflect new branding