Changelog for 23 April 2021

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  • YouTube search has been re-enabled. 
  • On a 30-day cycle, YouTube videos in playlists will be refreshed to ensure we have the most up-to-date video data, such as the title. If QueUp is not able to refresh the data of a video with YouTube you will see the error “Failed to refresh song details” in place of where a video used to be in your playlist. More information about the error can be found here
  • When previewing a YouTube video, the room player will stop playing completely. It will automatically resume once you exit the preview. 
  • You can now pause YouTube videos playing in a room. Please note that this will only pause for you and will take you out of sync from the rest of the room. You will need to use the reload button under the YouTube video or wait for the next video/song in the queue to play to get back in sync. 
  • Various YouTube icons have been updated to reflect their current branding.
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