Changelog for 19 March 2021

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  • Social login and signup have been disabled for the time being (Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud & Twitch). 
  • New image system – We’ve developed a new image system that deals with user avatars, room background and images in chat. You will see a huge improvement in the reliability of this system in every aspect. The new image server will now proxy song thumbnails rather than directly fetching these from YouTube or SoundCloud. 
  • Every internal reference to Dubtrack has been renamed to QueUp. To most users this will have no impact to you; however, to extension developers you will need to update your extensions to support the name change. 
  • YouTube search has been temporarily disabled. More information regarding this is available here.
  • We now have a status page at – We remain committed to being transparent about our operation, so if something goes wrong that impacts our service, we’ll post regular updates there.
  • Changed /me messages so they can be differentiated from join/leave messages. Your username will appear as the same color as the role you have. 
  • If the room queue is empty and the last video playing has finished, the player will now unload the video and hide the Grab, Updub, and Downdub buttons.  
  • Removed GIF selfie creation. 
  • Switched from reCAPTCHA to hCaptcha.
  • Minor user interface tweaks. 


  • Fixed an issue where a room lobby thumbnail would not load if the currently playing song was from SoundCloud. 
  • Fixed a rare bug where on some occasions when you joined a QueUp room you would be met with an unexpected error message. 
  • Fixed room backgrounds not automatically updating when a new one is uploaded. 
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