Changelog for 10 October 2023

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Slow Mode

  • Room owners and co-owners now have the ability to enable slow mode in chat. When enabled guests (those who don’t have roles) will only be able to send a message once every 10 seconds. The toggle for this can be found under the Chat tab in the room settings

Room Settings

  • Renamed Songs tab to Queue
  • Renamed Visibility tab to Chat
  • Moved ‘Show DJ’s songs in queue list’ option to the Queue tab


  • Renamed ‘Filter queue / playlist / history’ to ‘Search queue / playlist / history’ in the playlist browser to make the intended behavior clearer
  • Fixed the Clear All Dj’s Songs feature in the Room queue
  • Fixed a bug where My queue wouldn’t update after the Clear button had been pressed
  • Various tweaks, bug fixes and stability improvements